chewsy cheesy chipolatas dog treats

Your Dog Will Love Chewsy Dog Treats!

Chewsy Pets specialise in producing gourmet dog treats that are bursting with goodness and nutrients to keep your pooch in prime condition. Using 100% UK ingredients, these tasty dog treats are completely natural and are available in 3 yummy flavours which will have your dog drooling for more!
Hot dog sausages, black pudding sausages and beef jerky flavoured gourmet dog treats will make even the fussiest of dogs’ tail wag, so they’re perfect for pets that have high standards when it comes to treats and food. The high protein content of these dog treats will allow your dog to thrive – and they contain minimal fat so can be awarded as a healthy treat too!

Gourmet Dog Treats Bursting with Nutrition and Flavour

A varied diet with plenty of meat is essential for your dog’s health and Chewsy Pet gourmet dog treats are the perfect way to ensure they’re getting enough protein, and your dog will love it too! As they’re so tasty these dog treats are ideal to use for training purposes – though please ensure you feed your pet dog treats responsibly.
Here at The Pet Warehouse we’re currently offering all 3 flavours of Chewsy dog treats for just £4.99 – that’s for all three! – and you will get free delivery too! Don’t miss out on this promotional offer and treat your pooch to tasty, natural and healthy dog treats today.

Keep Your Dog Healthy with a Varied Diet

In addition to Chewsy Pet dog treats we also offer a wide range of other branded gourmet dog treats which we’re confident your pet will love.

All dogs have different preferences but with the gourmet dog treats available from Chewsy Pets and our other fantastic selection of dog treats you’re sure to find something your dog will love.

Dog treats are intended only as a supplement to a dog’s diet so make sure you provide him with plenty of good quality dog food which is full of nutrients to keep him healthy. You can rely on The Pet Warehouse to supply all the tasty nutritious dog food your pet needs, so be sure to check out our range and stock up on some yummy dog treats and food for your favourite pet!

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