Hot Dog Sausages Treat

What’s the Deal with Dog Treats?

All dogs love dog treats; they’re the chocolates and sweets of the canine kingdom! But how do you decide which dog treats are best for your dog? How many are too many? Which are the healthiest dog treats to go for? This blog will tell you!
Dog treats should be given in moderation just like anything else, but puppies and younger dogs can generally handle a larger amount as they are much more active than senior dogs. Too many dog treats can lead to your dog being overweight and not eating his food which will lead to malnourishment, so it essential that you don’t overindulge your pooch.

Too many Dog Treats Can Cause Obesity

Giving him gourmet dog treats when he hasn’t worked for them or done anything to be rewarded will make training much more difficult. Why would he work for a dog treat (sit, give paw, for example) when he can get them at random for nothing?
As for healthy dog treats, there are a huge variety on the market that offer high quality nutrition and a yummy taste for the best of both worlds. One such brand is Chewsy Pets, which offers 100% natural gourmet dog treats in 3 flavours – hot dog sausages, black pudding sausages and beef jerky – which are packed with protein and low in fat. Chewsy Pets gourmet dog treats are a perfect healthy choice for those that love to reward their dog!
Currently at The Pet Warehouse you can get all three flavours for just £4.99, so why not give your dog a taster of each and find out which they like best? That way you’ll know which the best treat to reward him with is when he’s been good.

Save Gourmet Dog Treats for Special Rewards

Establishing when your dog has been good can be tricky! There’s no need to reward your dog for a command like ‘Sit!’ if he does it all the time. Telling him to sit and stay when a visitor arrives, for example, deserves a treat if he obeys.

Dog treats should be saved for new tricks, so he will learn to appreciate them more and know he has to work for them.
Now you know the deal with dog treats why not take a look at the range of gourmet dog treats we have to offer?

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