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Use Gourmet Dog Treats to Help Train Your Dog

Puppies are trained by their mother from the moment they’re born, and this training and discipline from the ‘pack leader’ should be maintained throughout their adult life. Starting dog training from scratch is not an easy task, but with the aid of patience, time and some tasty gourmet dog treats you should see success!

Treats During Training Reinforce a Positive Message

The first step of dog training should be potty training. Choose a spot where you would like to puppy to go to the toilet and let them out every hour or so to give them the chance to go. Walk around your chosen spot and repeat a short phrase you’d like your dog to associate with toilet time, something like ‘time to go!’ would work. Keep repeating the phrase and, if your dog does go to the toilet, keep repeating the phrase until they have finished and reward them with a gourmet dog treat and enthusiastic praise. Dogs love to please you and if they see that you’re happy they’ll be happy to do it again!

Repeating this process should help your dog to use the toilet outside, and the tasty treat will help to reinforce the message further. Remember to let your dog out after mealtimes and once or twice during the night – it’s physically impossible for young dogs to hold it all night.

Reinforcing praise with dog treats is a great way to help your dog understand that whatever they’re doing is right, and here at The Pet Warehouse we have a fantastic range of gourmet dog treats for you to spoil your pooch with!

Tasty, Healthy Dog Treats to Reward Your Dog

We are proud to introduce a brand new range of dog treats by Chewsy Pet, which are available in 3 yummy flavours to cater for all dogs’ tastes. Black pudding sausages, hot dog sausages and beef jerky dog treats from Chewsy Pets are all bursting with flavour and nutrients to provide your dog with a healthy, tasty reward. Low in fat and high in protein, these gourmet dog treats are the perfect choice for every pooch – pup, adult or senior.
So when it comes to rewarding and training your dog, be sure to choose Chewsy Pets dog treats for a tasty treat every time!

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